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12 Week Training Program Objectives

Fundamentals and Technique:

  • Week 1: Ball handling: Stationary & on the move. Discuss body posture, vision, hand placement, amount of power
  • Week 2: Shooting: Balance, footwork, hand placement, rhythm, catch-n-shoot, off dribble etc..
  • Week 3: Passing: Single arm, triple threat, post passing, drop off passes
  • Week 4: Defensive principles: Footwork, angles, vision, closeouts

Dynamic & Situational Drills:

  • Week 5: Separation off the Dribble: Scoring, inside finishes etc..
  • Week 6: Reading Screens: Pops, curls & fades, Dribble options off each
  • Week 7: Pop & Roll (P-n-R): Shooting, reading defense vs P-n-R
  • Week 8: Dynamic Defensive Conditioning: Help side recover to finish & other situations

Mastery Flow into Game Situations:

  • Week 9:    In-Stride Dribbling, combinations into inside finishing
  • Week 10: Getting open with setting screens: Back screens, down screens etc..
  • Week 11: The Challenge: Competitions - Shooting, dribbling and finishing
  • Week 12: Triple Threat Scoring: Jab series